Employee inventions

“What if an invention was made during an employment relationship? To whom does the invention belong? Is the employee entitled to inventor’s remuneration in addition to work salary? We provide answers.”

  • Advice for employers and employees on all questions concerning the German Employees’ Inventions Act
  • Development of individual strategies and administrative processes for companies
  • Preparation of standard forms for notice of invention, claiming of invention and agreements on purchase of rights and lump sum payments
  • Calculation of inventors’ remuneration schemes

An invention that is made during an employment relationship entails specific rights and duties for employer and employee by virtue of the German Act on Employees’ Inventions (GAEI). We elucidate the formalities and pitfalls, check which party is entitled to the right to the invention under the GAEI and represent you in conflicts of interest with your employer or employee. We are happy to advise employers in advance on adequate strategies and measures for smooth administrative processes in GAEI affairs so that you can make best use of the innovation potential of your company.