Technology sectors

“Scientific and technological multidisciplinarity is one of our outstanding strengths.”

In the areas of patent and utility model law, our patent attorneys in Hanover and Hamburg protect your innovations from a wide variety of technology fields.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

At Hansepatent, we have an outstanding Biotechnology and Life Sciences patent expertise in which we incorporate the breadth and depth of our knowledge and the analytical mindset from our own long-term experience in international cutting-edge research as well as our strong familiarity with the relevant case law. Our work is usually at the fore front of current key technologies such as immunology and pharmaceutical biotechnology, molecular biology and molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry, peptide and protein technology, microbiology, nanobiotechnology, stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Chemistry ist one of those fundamental sciences with relevance across all technology sectors that we handle. Our chemical knowledge and experience in drafting generic chemical formulae for new chemical entities are therefore our daily practice in the protection of innovations for instance from organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, process and chemical engineering, polymer chemistry and materials science. We advise on patenting novel or known chemical compounds and pharmaceutical compositions by means of medical use claims and the extension of protection by supplementary protection certificates for medicinal and plant protection products.

Electrical engineering and Mechanical engineering

In the field of electrical engineering, our patent attorneys handle for example communications technology and control technology as well as lighting technology, measurement and sensor technology. Our expertise further crosses all aspects of mechanical engineering and plant engineering, often linking mechanics with measuring technology, for example in weighing technology. In the energy technology sector, we handle for instance devices and processes for energy storage. Another key area of our work is the patenting of everyday object

Information technology

In the information technology area, we check for example the patentability of apps and other software applications for our clients. Contrary to popular opinion, computer programs are not obligatorily excluded from patent protection indeed. As a rule, the exclusion from patent protection only applies in cases where the computer program is not at all of a technical nature. Accordingly, if the computer program solves a specific technical problem, it usually qualifies for patent eligibility.

Medical technology and Laboratory technology

Medical technology and laboratory technology are prime examples of the highly innovative combination of biosciences and engineering at the interface to diagnostic, therapeutic or analytical applications. Our activities range from medical and (physio)therapeutic devices and systems, medical imaging and measurement technology to biocompatible materials and tissue engineering. Another key area of our work are devices and methods for optical, spectroscopic, chromatographic and (bio)chemical analysis.