Infringement and licensing

“We help you to enforce your own IP-rights, come to terms with foreign IP or defend yourself effectively against third party rights.”

  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of your intellectual property rights
  • Request for legitimacy claims and warning letters
  • Interlocutory injunctions
  • Filing protective briefs
  • Licence agreements

The benefit of any IP-right is limited if it is not enforced against infringing parties. It is however advisable to carefully check whether the financial risk attached to exercising IP-rights is outweighed by the recoverable competitive advantage. We help you to analyse the factual and legal position in advance and to plan the further course of action.

Oftentimes, licence agreements are a better solution for both sides. We support you in negotiating and preparing licence contracts and give advice with regard to request for legitimacy claims, warning letters and interlocutory injunctions. If you consider yourself exposed to the risk that a competitor’s right may be enforced against you by means of an interlocutory injunction, we prepare and file suitable protective briefs with the infringement courts in your defence.