Trademarks and Designs

“Protect trademarks and designs to establish a unique monopoly and corporate image for commercialisation of your products and to safeguard your creative achievements against plagiarism.”

  • Comprehensive advice on protectability and protection strategy in trademark and design matters
  • Registration, prosecution and defense of German and internationally registered trademarks and designs, EU trademarks and Community designs
  • Opposition against registration, cancellation and nullity proceedings concerning trademarks and designs of third parties

Strong brands are one of the most important assets of your business. Protect signs such as company names, logos or product names with trademark applications to prevent imitation and to foster sustained success of your business in the competition for customers. Consider design protection for aesthetic creations of the outward appearance of a product or of a part of it. Our patent attorneys are also trademark and design experts. We handle all aspects of trademark and design protection in Germany, Europe and internationally for you to efficiently protect your creative work and investments and fight counterfeiting and piracy.