Search, Surveillance and
Freedom-to-Operate opinions

“We provide information and analyses that help you to maintain your competitive position, identify new technological trends, avoid developments in the wrong direction and infringement of foreign rights.”

  • Patent search and surveillance
  • IP-based competitor analyses (Competitive Intelligence)
  • Protection scope analyses and Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) opinions
  • Trademark identical and similarity search/analyses

Detailed patent information and analyses help you to safeguard your own IP-rights and to strengthen your market position as you can more early observe technology trends and market developments and, should the situation arise, prepare legal remedy such as an opposition against patents of competitors in time. Commission protection scope analyses and freedom-to-operate opinions to check in advance whether your intended developments may interfere with third party IP-rights. Use trademark searches and surveillances to intervene when your trademarks are imitated by similar or identical signs or to check whether your own trademark may infringe foreign rights.